about Lisa Woodcock


Born and raised in the Heart of England, Lisa moved to Los Angeles almost a decade ago in pursuit of her acting dream. Whilst perfectly retaining her neutral RP, British accent, she instantly fell in love with the World of Voice Acting.

Professionally trained by the coaches at Del Mar Media Arts, Lisa continues to learn and develop today in the ever growing and changing industry. She continually trains and works with the best coaches and mentors Southern California and the UK have to offer.

With a long list of clients on both sides of the pond, Lisa was nominated as a One Voice Awards Finalist in 2018, and again in 2019.


With her  effortlessly standout clear British accent, Lisa is able to lift your script off the paper, and bring it to life!

From her broadcast-quality digital studio in California, Lisa offers professional voice over recording and audio editing.

Her attractive commercial styles range from velvety, smooth, rich, warm and sophisticated, to conversational, friendly, ‘girl next door’, bubbly and fun.

Softly spoken and easy on the ears, Lisa can send you into a blissful and dreamy sleep with her sultry, slow and caring voice, or she can ramp up the energy and brighten up your day with a touch of sparkle!

If you are looking for someone that sounds trustworthy, believable, articulate and professional, then look no further, you have found your match.

Available in person in Los Angeles and London, or you can join Lisa in the booth from anywhere in the world, with Source Connect, ISDN, Skype or phone patch, all available on appointment.

For a free custom demo and quote, contact Lisa today.